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We are an Audio Studio but we like to call it a Laboratory.

We are an award-winning studio composed of a creative team of Sound Engineers, Sound Designers, Musicians, Composers, Programmers, Electronic Engineers and Sound Collectors, all obsessed with sound and music.

Amniótica began in 2004 when Alejandro Jaramillo decided to create a place to experiment, it has developed exponentially to a Lab where we create beautifully unique, artistic and narrative sound design & music, crafted hardware and software for commercial, studio and live applications and detailed and powerful recordings and mixes, all this for film, television, advertising, virtual reality, video games, apps, albums and media in general.

We have two headquarters, our main studio is located outside of the city of Bogotá – Colombia, close to a town called “La Calera” in a cold weather country house and built upon two 40 ft shipping containers with the best possible view to the valley of Sopó. The studio was designed by our engineer Alejandro Jaramillo and with precise acoustical treatment by our friends Tres Acústica for a nice and accurate film mixing stage with precise monitoring and big projection screen. Here besides having our recording and mixing studio facility we have huge mountains all around, beautiful, calm and inspiring landscapes, a river, big trees, BBQ, sports, horseback riding and huge green open spaces. The other headquarter is in Bogotá, where we have our Studio B editing rooms and offices, close to Usaquén, where we can find nice coffee shops, restaurants and cinemas.

Both studios are 5.1 ready and with 7.1 and 9.1 capabilities.

We have worked with brands like Coca Cola, Axe, Mitsubishi, Adidas, Nokia, MTV, Volkswagen, Colgate, National Geographic, Shayton Equilibrium, Chevrolet, Directv, Ford, Avantel, Toyota, Doritos, UNE, Blancox, Halls among others & directors from Colombia, Eslovenia, India, England, Canada, USA, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Iceland, France, among others. We have done ADR recording for Hollywood feature films and series like “The Great Wall”, “The Son” & “Imposters” and full foley work for TV series like “Rosario Tijeras”, “La Reina del Flow”, “Paraiso Travel”, “El Comandante”, “Paquita la del Barrio”, “Falsos Falsificados”, “Aníbal Sensación Velasquez”, “La Querida del Centauro”, “El Rey del Valle”, “Contra las Cuerdas”, “Hilos de Sangre Azul” among others.


We do original music composition and sound design, audio post production, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 & 9.1 mixing, synthesis, Binaural 3D Spatial sound for VR, AR, MR, RR or installations, film scores, original foley recording, hardware and software design & build, audiologo identity, sonic branding and sound on location. We develop ideas with sound and musical instruments as well as computer music technology and we constantly collect sounds feeding our original libraries both for personal and comercial use.

The recording studio is based on analog outboard gear, digital computer platforms, foley stage and pits, a wide collection of different type of microphones and synthesizers as well as processors and audio manipulation equipment from brands like Neve, Vintech, Lyndell, BAE, Orban, DBX, API, Neumman, Warm Audio, Fairchild, Apogee, JBL, Nord, Doepfer, among many others. You can download a complete gear list here

No two projects are the same so for every project we try to think of new innovative and creative approaches. We love recording original sounds and designing platforms, software and musical instruments or elements to create an authentic sonic world or soundscape.

Welcome to the world of Amniótica. we would love to create unique sounds with you.