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5.1 & 7.1 Capability. JBL Cinema Speakers. Perforated Screen. BSS Audio Processor. Protools HD. HD 192 i/o. Apogee. Mac Computer. Procontrol Control Surface x 3. Yamaha Stereo Monitors. ADR Iso Booth. Outboard: Distressor, Dolby, Vintech, Neve, Lindell, Orban, DBX, Trident, Camilo Silva, Shermann. Synths: Nord, Juno, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Roland, Sismo, TipTop, Doepfer, Korg, Moog. Izotope RX Post Production Suite. Altiverb. Trash. Speakerphone. Slate Trigger. Slate SSD.

Studio B

5.1 Capability. JBL speakers. Apogee. Mac computer. Command 8 control surface. Motu 828. Digi 002. Zoom F8. Sennheiser MKH-416. Sennheiser ME66. Lectrosonics. Sanken Cos 11-D. G3. Tascam handrecorder. Binaural Head – Neumann. Ambisonics Mic.


42 TV. Microphones: Neumann. Warm Audio. AKG. 12 Gauge. Fairchild. Lauten. Shure. Audio Technica. Charter Oak. Audio Technica and Shure Headphones.

Foley Stage

Foley pit with props and various surfaces. Water Pit.