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5.1, 7.1 & DOLBY ATMOS Capability. JBL 4722 Screen Cinema Speakers, JBL 4642A Sub, JBL 8340A Surround Speakers, Perforated Cinema Screen. BSS Audio Processor. Protools HD. HD 192 i/o. Apogee. Mac Computer. Procontrol Control Surface x 3. Yamaha Stereo Monitors. ADR Iso Booth. Outboard: Distressor, Dolby, Vintech, Neve, Lindell, Orban, DBX, Trident, Camilo Silva, Shermann. Synths: Nord, Juno, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Dave Smith, Roland, Sismo, TipTop, Tangible Waves, Doepfer, Korg, Moog. Izotope RX Post Production Suite. Altiverb. Trash. Speakerphone. Slate Trigger. Slate SSD.

Studio B

5.1 Capability. JBL speakers. Apogee. Mac computer. Command 8 control surface. Motu 828. Digi 002. Zoom F8. Sennheiser MKH-416. Sennheiser ME66. Lectrosonics. Sanken Cos 11-D. G3. Tascam handrecorder. Binaural Head – Neumann. Ambisonics Mic.


42 TV. Microphones: Neumann. Warm Audio. AKG. 12 Gauge. Fairchild. Lauten. Shure. Audio Technica. Charter Oak. Audio Technica and Shure Headphones.

Foley Stage

Foley stage with more than 15 pits, collection of props and various surfaces. Water Pit tank.